Helpful Information About Body Composition and Body Fat/Weight Management

Source: Tanita

Health Organizations
(in alphabetical order)
American Obesity Association Encouraging efforts to prevent obesity, especially in children.
American Society of Bariatric Physicians A medical specialty society of physicians who treat overweight, obesity and associated conditions.
Centers for Disease Control U.S. government agency promoting health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury, and disability.
USDA Advance and promote dietery guidelines for all Americans.
Weight-control Information Network As part of NIH, WIN produces, collects, and disseminates materials on obesity, weight control, and nutrition.
World Health Organization International organization with the objective of attaining the highest possible level of health for all peoples.
Health News Sites
(in alphabetical order)
Tip: Look for an “obesity” section or search for keywords like “body fat” or “body composition.” Medical/health information site plus real-time dialogue with physicians and other health care specialists.
InteliHealth Health information vetted by doctors of the much-respected Johns Hopkins Hospital.
On Health Network Health and medicine news, in terms everybody can understand and use. Holistic approach.
Medscape Medical information in a no-nonsense format. Referred to as “the site that doctors use.”