Are sagging skin and local fat in the facial and neck areas affecting your face’s natural shape?
Then ReLift Treatments are for you!

Our ReLift treatments are a quick and effective non-surgical solution! Age, gravity, and genetics can lead to these common aesthetic problems and non-invasive solutions are today’s number one choice when handling them. ReLift is your answer to avoiding intrusive surgical procedures. Defying gravity, ReLift is the most effective solution on the market for treating sagging skin and local facial and neck fat. Lifting your face, ReLift works to thin and tighten your facial skin for the most natural looking results.

Suitable for all skin types and with no anesthesia required, our technology shrinks fat cell volume, enhances blood circulation throughout the treatment area and much more. Significant results include skin elasticity restoration and a tighter and smoother appearance.

Regain your youthful appearance with ReLift Treatments

At an affordable price and with no recovery time, you can have ReLift treatments that are so quick, they can be completed over a lunch break. Designed for ultimate convenience and comfort, ReLift treatments are pain-free and will make you look and feel years younger. The technology works to deliver the lifting and tightening results you’re looking for in the most natural way – with no pain, side effects or injections.

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Treatment Areas for ReLift

NuYou Medical Aesthetics treatment areas for ReLift Skin Tightening now offered in Onalaska/La Crosse, WI area.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Clinically proven state of the art treatments
  • Safe and painless, with no downtime
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Minimal risk of infection or scarring
  • Extremely natural-looking results

Medical Eligibility

To qualify for Relift Skin Tightening, you should visit our consultants to assess whether you are a potential candidate.

See Results!

Chin B&A Ex. 1

ReLift Chin 1 Before and After
ReLift Chin before and After images

Read What Our Customers Have to Say!

  • “By the time I reached age 45, I could see my skin beginning to sag on my eyes, arms, neck and inner thights. NuYou’s Relift treatments have tightened and toned those areas for me! I feel younger and am proud of my age now.” ~ Louise Z., Holmen, WI

    Sagging Skin by Age 45!