Vickie B.

NuYou Program(s): Carb Cue 800, NuYou Fast 800

Date Started: 09/25/2015 Date Hit Goal Weight: 02/20/2016

Pounds Lost: 49.5 pounds Inches Lost: 48 inches

What brought me to the program:

  • Recommended by a good friend who already was having success
  • Dealing with depression about weight and life in general
  • Health issues included-high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high glucose
  • At the point of desperation to lose weight as soon as possible
  • Clothes no longer fit well
  • Concern about life with deteriorating health issues

There are many things that I like about the program:

  • Physician consultations
  • Variety of weight loss programs to suit my particular needs
  • One on one consulting as often during the week as I want
  • Blood pressure/heart rate checks weekly
  • Weekly vitamins at no extra cost
  • B12 vitamin injections available
  • Regular body measuring to track inches lost
  • Body comp analysis
  • Great tasting products
  • Did not feel deprived due to the yummy treats
  • Before & after pictures
  • Convenient hours
  • Didn’t have to exercise to lose weight
  • Super sweet and friendly staff!!!

The positive outcomes now that I have reached goal are:

  • Improved disposition!
  • Improved libido!
  • Depression is gone!
  • Blood work numbers have dramatically improved!
  • Blood pressure is lower and meds have decreased!
  • Decreased appetite…get full much quicker!
  • Purging of clothing that is now too large!
  • Buying new clothes that are 3-4 sizes smaller!
  • Positive comments from co-workers, friends and family!
  • Weigh less than what my driver’s license states!

Since meeting her weight loss goal Vickie has become a lifetime member of NuYou Living to ensure she maintains her weight loss.

nuyou weight loss client vickie bain before
nuyou weight loss clinic client vickie bain 10 pounds
nuyou weight loss clinic client vickie bain 20 pounds
nuyou weight loss clinic client vickie bain 30 pounds
nuyou weight loss clinic client vickie bain 40 pounds
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