NuYou Program(s): NuYou Pronto, Energy Booster, Carb Cure 800/900

Date Started: 11/09/2015      Date Hit Goal Weight: 06/20/2016

Pounds Lost: 47.5                    Pounds Inches Lost: 60.25 inches

“NuYou helped put the smile back on my face. Before my weight loss, I was

embarrassed because of how much I had let myself go. I was very athletic in my

youth and took a lot of pride in that. My priority was raising my family, and not

taking care of myself. Now that I have grandkids, I want to be able to have the

energy to enjoy the time I do have with them. Plus I am in good health now and I

will be able to be around long enough to see them grow up. Donna and Alex are

great. They understand the program, and would help tweak it to enable me to

get the best results for me. They also empathized with the daily struggles of

everyday life.”

Why did you come to NuYou?

“Convenient location. I wanted to lose weight for my son’s wedding.”

What did you enjoy most about NuYou Weight Loss & More?

“It was a place to go to lose weight and be held accountable.”

How has weight loss impacted your self-esteem?

“It definitely has boosted my confidence level. It proved to me that I can do

anything as long as I put my mind to it.”

Has your weight loss impacted your family and/or community life?

“I have more energy to fuss over my grandkids and overall more energy to do the

normal tasks of living.”

Has your weight loss improved your health or activity levels?

“I have had high cholesterol my entire life and have been taking medicine for 30+

years. Prior to my diet, my level was 235. After losing all the weight, my last

cholesterol level test was at 161!”

Do you look better and/or feel better?

“I look better…. Because I feel better! I used to be very athletic so when I do exert

myself I can do so without stopping to catch my breath.”

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