Laurie T.

NuYou Program(s): NuYou Carb Cure & NuYou Fast

Date Started: March 22, 2016    Date Hit Goal Weight: December 6, 2016
Total Pounds Lost: 40.5 pounds    Total Inches Lost: 57.75 inches

Why did you come to NuYou?

“I needed to lose weight and I wasn’t able to do it on my own.”

What did you enjoy most about NuYou Weight Loss?

“Seeing the results on my body while doing the NuYou program.”

How has the weight loss impacted your self-esteem?

“My self-esteem is through the roof! I don’t feel so self-conscious anymore.”

Has your weight loss impacted your family and/or community life?

“My family has definitely noticed which makes me feel great.”

Has your weight loss improved your health or activity levels?

“Yes, I can move around now and not feel tired.”

Do you look better and/or feel better?

“I am so happy that I did this, and I don’t have to worry about my weight anymore.”

nuyou weight loss clinic laurie t transformation before photo
nuyou weight loss clinic transformation laurie t 10 pounds gone
nuyou weight loss clinic transformation 20 pounds gone laurie t
nuyou weight loss clinic transformation laurie t 30 pounds gone for good board