Heather S.

NuYou Program(s): NuYou Carb Cure 1000, NuYou Maintenance

Date Started: 02/20/2016 Date Hit Goal Weight: 06/10/16
Pounds Lost: 55 pounds Inches Lost: 75.75 inches

Losing Weight and keeping it off has always been a struggle for me. I had seen NuYou coming up in my Facebook news feed. My best friend, Alex, started working here and I had been asking her a few questions about what the weight loss all entailed. After a few months of her telling me to do it, I finally did! I started the program on February 19, 2016. This was the day when I said enough was enough. I need to get this weight off and feel better, both physically and mentally. When they say you start losing weight tomorrow, it is the truth. I lost 11 pounds in 10 days!! Isn’t that crazy?! I was so excited when I hit the 10 Pounds Gone for Good board! I told myself it really does work! This is great!! The programs at NuYou are great and they work. The first two weeks were the hardest for me, getting my body used to eating what is on the program. Two weeks went by and I said to myself, I got this! MY determination and motivation went into full effect, as I was so excited to see how fast I was losing weight. Four weeks in I was down 21.5 pounds. I was so excited, and the staff gets so excited for you. The staff is so supportive and motivating. Every time you loose 10 pounds you get to put your name on the board! This is very motivating, and makes you happy! I was always striving to hit the next board! It is a very rewarding feeling. My energy is through the roof! I love feeling good and I’m always motivated to get things done. My family and friends have supported me throughout the entire program. I could not have done it with out them and the NuYou staff! On my birthday I went in to weigh-in knowing I was 2.5 pounds away from my goal. I was determined to hit my goal weight on my birthday, and I did just that! I am down 55 pounds and 72.75 inches in 16 weeks!!! I have three weeks left on program, and I am going to shoot for another 5 to 10 pounds gone for good! This is awesome and I couldn’t feel better about myself. Determination and hard work does pay off!! Thank you NuYou Weight Loss Clinic for helping me achieve my goal! I couldn’t be more proud to say the weight is gone for good and here is my NuYou!!

Heather has now met her weight loss goal and is doing one year of NuYou Maintenance.
Heather S at the start of her NuYou Weight Loss program.
Heather S client of nu you down 10 pounds in her transformation
Heather S a nu you client down 20 pounds
Heather S down 30 lbs from NuYou Weight Loss
Heather S at 40 lbs gone with NuYou Weight Loss program.
nuyou weightloss clinic client heather schreier 50 pounds
nuyou weightloss clinic client heather schreier goal
Heather S- NuYou Transformation Goal Image