Deb H.

NuYou Program(s): NuYou Fast

Date Started: November 29, 2016    Date Hit Goal Weight: June 1, 2017
Pounds Lost: 31 pounds                   Inches Lost: 37 inches

Why did you come to NuYou?
“I needed to lose weight and I tried a lot of different programs and products with no success. I watched a friend of mine lose a lot of weight quickly and I continued to monitor her success, finally I had to ask her and she referred me to NuYou. I am so glad that she did! ”

What did you enjoy most about NuYou Weight Loss?
“The awesome staff and the Nutritional products that I used during my program. The protein fudge pudding and Biofix Antioxidant Energy Drink were my favorites! ”

How has the weight loss impacted your self-esteem?
“My self-esteem has increased significantly!”

Has your weight loss impacted your family and/or community life?
“I was always self-conscious about going out in public, I just really didn’t want to be seen. I now feel better and my self-esteem is significantly higher. I feel way better in my clothing because everything fits so well, and I actually think my clothes look better on me now!”

Has your weight loss improved your health or activity levels?
“I forgot how great I felt when I wasn’t getting out and exercising. Now, I walk every morning and I don’t get tired.”

Do you look better and/or feel better?
“Yes, the best part is my overall confidence has shot up! I get compliments all the time, which makes me feel great but at the same time, it’s still hard to believe. My husband is proud of me too, which also makes me feel wonderful.”

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