Cindy W.

NuYou Program(s): Carb Cure 800, NuYou Fast, NuYou Living Club Phase 1 & NuYou Living Club Phase 2

Date Started: 01/28/2014 Date Hit Goal Weight: 05/19/2014
Pounds Lost: 33 pounds Inches Lost: 41.5 inches

I originally joined with Physician’s Weight Loss Center (PWLC) last year in January after retiring. After hitting my goal and starting my maintenance program, PWLC closed their doors. And where one door closes another door opens and NuYou Weight Loss & More welcomed me with open arms. They honored my Maintenance For Life contract with PWLC and allowed me to transfer to the NuYou Living Club at NuYou. I was given all of the NuYou corresponding materials as to what I was attempting to accomplish at PWLC. There are different levels and phases offered during NuYou Maintenance that made transitioning out of the PWLC program very easy. I found myself comfortable and adjusting very nicely. I enjoyed coming to the center the most! Talking to the girls is one of my favorite things. They are supportive and keep me on track. Maintenance can be tough, you’re given all these options and at times it can be overwhelming, but here the staff genuinely cares and will take time to discuss everything with you. Whether you’re struggling and need to be motivated or just to make sure that you completely understand, they have your back. By coming to the center weekly/bi-weekly, even during maintenance, has kept me accountable.

Since meeting her weight loss goal Cindy has become a lifetime member of NuYou Living to ensure she maintains her weight loss.

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