You’ve become a NuYou!  You hit your goal!  Congratulations.

When you started your weight loss program, you chose the length of time you would spend in the NuYou Living maintenance program.  Some may feel a year is long enough and proceed solo!  Those of you who have dieted in the past only to gain it back, realize the weight can return after the first year or two.  You may want to consider our NuYou Living long-term option. This option provides you long-term support with unlimited counseling, adjustments to your maintenance program as your circumstances change, access to NuYou products, member discounts and more. This coveted club is the epitome of support for permanent weight loss.

As you start NuYou Living maintenance, you will begin with Phase I where we gradually increase your calories while carefully monitoring your weight to determine the proper maintenance calorie level is for you. Once Phase I is complete, you transition to the long-term, Phase II of the NuYou Living program.  As we begin this phase, we will adjust your maintenance program to meet your food preferences and lifestyle desires while maintaining the proper amount of calories to keep you at your desired weight. You will check in twice monthly at a minimum.

In addition, as your lifestyle changes your caloric needs may change.  We will adjust your program accordingly. NuYou Living clients get all the benefits of our weight loss clients (product discounts, body composition analysis, complimentary counseling, and more).

If you’re ready to continue through the journey of more success, contact us today!

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What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • …I enjoyed coming to the center the most! Talking to the girls is one of my favorite things. They are supportive and keep me on track. Maintenance can be tough, you’re given all these options and at times it can be overwhelming, but here the staff genuinely cares and will take time to discuss everything with you. Whether you’re struggling and need to be motivated or just to make sure that you completely understand, they have your back. By coming to the center weekly/bi-weekly, even during maintenance, has kept me accountable.

    Cindy Wall
  • I was driving by and saw the “Free Consultation” sign. My daughter and I pulled into the parking lot and walked in. The young lady at the desk greeted us with a big smile and answered all of our questions and we just knew this was the place for both of us! The program was so user-friendly – we could shop from the grocery store shelves. We learned to be creative with veggies and spices. I am now at my high school weight! I love the way I look and feel every day. My energy levels are high and I love going to the “Y”. I had tried other weight loss plans but this one is the BEST. The staff is awesome – always positive and cheering you on even on your bad days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    Kerry M
  • I was ready to get healthier in life by losing weight and making better choices in my eating habits. I had been trying on my own with no luck and too many excuses. I had read many advertisements and success stories at NuYou. That’s when I knew I needed that “extra” encouragement/program to help me lose my weight.

    That’s exactly what I found at NuYou. The staff is always helpful, positive and giving me that extra push to keep going. Before long I saw myself losing the weight and accomplishing something for myself…a healthier me.

    Thank you for your support. I feel great inside.

    Kris S.
  • Losing weight was always a challenge for me. The physicians and staff at NuYou were able to fast-track my weight loss and help me maintain my goal weight — 50 pounds gone for good!

    Nick T