Microneedling stimulates colagen, improves fine lines, reduces sun spots, and increases absorption of skin care productws.

Microneedling Lets You Reveal Your Most Beautiful Skin!

jen aniston microneedlinhOur Micro-needling treatments are for sun damaged skin, acne & surgical scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles, hyper/hypo pigmentation, stretch marks and skin rejuvenation. All the celebrities are having these collagen induction treatments done & raving over the results! Our Innopen is proudly made in the United States. It’s an innovative micro-needling device, which uses surgical grade micro needles to perforate the skin with deeper penetration to allow for the injection of growth factors and other reparative skin care products and to activate the body’s repairing mechanism. This triggers the skin cells to intensify the release of collagen & elastin, erasing years from your skin and essentially treating your skin from the inside out. This is the safest form of collagen induction therapy because it leaves the epidermis (outer layers of your skin) completely intact and undamaged. Let us work magic and bring back the youth to your skin!

What is Microneedling and What to Expect

  • Before your treatment, your clinician will cleanse your skin and apply a topical gel to numb your skin.
  • You may experience minor pain and/or discomfort; elevated warmth and tightness can be experienced within the first 1-2 hours post-procedure.
  • Temporary redness and swelling, similar to a moderate to severe sunburn may occur 1-3 days post treatment.
  • Fast recovery is usually seen within 24 hours with slight redness remaining the next day.
  • The skin will feel tight and dry for the first three days post treatment.
  • Some skin might scab after 3 days post procedure. It should not be touched or picked on to avoid any infections. Let it fall off naturally.
  • Your clinician will discuss post-procedure skincare following the treatment to help soothe, calm, and protect the skin. Continue to treat the skin gently for 3 days.
  • Patients may return to regular skin care products approximately 3 days post procedure or as soon as skin is tolerable to application.
  • The number of micro-needling treatments necessary is related to the severity and condition of the areas being treated. In many cases, a single treatment is sufficient to produce desired results. In other cases, such as severe scarring or stretch marks, multiple treatments may be required. Your NuYou clinician will recommend a treatment course and after care protocol for you.

Areas We Treat

  • Face/Chin
  • Anywhere scars or stretch marks exist


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Recommendations for Post-Treatment Care

Day of Procedure: After your procedure, your medical provider may apply topical to soothe, hydrate, and protect the treatment area. Do not apply makeup the same day of treatment. Use tepid water to cleanse the treatment area thoroughly while gently massaging to remove debris. Carefully pat dry, without rubbing.

Day 1-3: The next day, you may clean your face with a gentle cleanser and apply lotions and topical products recommended by your medical provider. Be sure to apply sunscreen and avoid direct sun exposure. Do not apply chemical based and/or fragranced cosmetics, skin care products, or makeup.

Day 4-7: Within the week following your micro-needling procedure, you will notice skin dryness and flaking. This is due to an increased turnover of skin cells. During this period, you may apply your regular skin moisturizer, sunscreen, and/or makeup (if necessary).

Slight micro-bruising might appear around the eye area and may exist for three to four days. This can easily be covered with makeup.

See Results!

Before & After

image of before and after micro-needling treatments for stretch marks
before and after image of microneedling for scarring
image of man's forehead for treatment and before and after microneedling treatments.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying!

  • “I had severe acne as a teen and have had post-acne scarring since.  I had a child and got stretch marks as well. I thought there was nothing I could do until I learned about InnoPen Micro-needling at NuYou! The results are dramatic and instantly noticeable. I have had 2 treatments in each area so far. I can’t wait for the next. The results are very noticeable.” ~ Sally K., La Crosse, WI

    Severe Acne as a Teen

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Medical Eligibility

To qualify for Micro-needling, you should visit our consultants to assess whether you are a potential candidate.